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    A brief analysis of the car fuse seat related problems | HINEW

    Actually, from this name we are not difficult to see, it is actually used to install the fuse of a seat, but in a strict sense of the word, it is actually and we want to say the fuse box is inextricably linked, can also be so explained fuse seat, it is actually the same as the function of the fuse box.

    In short, in fact, the car fuse seat and other fuse seat is not much different, and there will be many series of products;

    Generally speaking, there are actually three types of common categories: the first is the fuse seat;The second is the panel mounted car fuse seat;There is also a car fuse clip.

    Next, we will briefly introduce and analyze the three fuse holders:

    The first is the fuse seat:

    On the fuse seat in the lead fuse seat, in fact, it is in most cases used in the car wire harness.However, things are relative, not that you can use it casually.

    At this time, we also need to consider its related parameters, such as rated current, and the corresponding rated voltage and so on.

    Next up is the panel mount fuse holder:

    About the panel mounted car fuse seat, we should know that it has a wide range of applications in the car above the part of the electrical above, for example, we can see the car speaker, as well as what we say amplifier and so on.

    The last type of car fuse clip;

    About the car fuse holder in the form of a fuse holder, we can roughly know the advantages of this type of fuse holder from the name, easy to disassemble is for sure;

    It is also widely used in automobile wiring, but we should also note that it will naturally be used in the fuse.

    Post time: Mar-14-2020
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