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    There are two factors that cause the damage of automobile fuse seat | HINEW

    The panel installs the automobile fuse seat to be used for the automobile electric appliance, such as the automobile power amplifier, the automobile sound box, the automobile DVD and so on.It is an important part of the car, so good maintenance, do not let it damaged.

    What kind of behavior can cause the car fuse seat damage?

    1. Spray glass water for a long time:

    Normal in the winter time, the owner will be more simple neglect of antifreeze to replace the glass of water, the water in the morning, will appear the phenomenon of spray out, then the owner will hold the glass of water for a long time switch, so long-term by spray, can lead to pump the fuse burnt due to overheating, serious word will also pump burned down.

    2. Abnormal operation of cigarette lighter:

    Any smoking men drivers, driving will prepare cigarette lighter, when this seemingly easy, practical impact on car fuse holder is very large, so the fuse in the car cigarette lighter, simpler to damage the parts, also because there are a lot of friends like on the cigarette lighter, for electricity, and together with different load of various electrical appliances, the damage will be added in the cigarette lighter car fuse holder.

    Above is about the car fuse seat damage common 2 kinds of reasons, I hope to help you;We specialize in: panel mount fuse holder,pcb fuse holder,pcb mount fuse holder;Welcome to inquire!

    Post time: Jan-08-2020
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